Find your Tribe

If you have been paying attention lately there have been some phrases coined within the past couple of years that have been rather interesting to say the least.  I must be getting old because I legit had to do a quick google search on what some of these phrases meant; but, even though I had to “google it”, I’m still hip to the jive.  Some of these words or phrases are as follows: being “extra,” having a “bae,” possibly feeling a bit “salty” about something, attending a party that was “lit,” that person is “cray,” or maybe you’ve been told you’re just really “Gucci.”  While there are many more of these,  I’ll stop the list there because you get the idea.  Whether or not you find these phrases to be amazing or completely dumb isn’t the purpose of this post.  One of the hip new phrases that I do want to discuss is the word tribe or more specifically, “finding your tribe.”

You may have heard this phrase growing up while in school when it related to the anthropological meaning.  “Tribe, in anthropology, a notional form of human social organization based on a set of smaller groups (known as bands), having temporary or permanent political integration, and defined by traditions of common descent, language, culture, and ideology.”–Encyclopedia Britannica.   Some character traits of a tribe are the fact they’re united by kinship bonds, they are strong, they have a common goal, oftentimes speak the same language, they have a sense of unity, etc.  These are pretty impressive characteristics if you ask me.

In today’s culture we have encouraged people to find their own tribe.  We are encouraging people to find a group in which one feels they can be fully themselves.  Whether that be the local sewing circle, gym, cooking class, small group at church, sports team, or group fitness class you are hearing people regularly say they have “found their tribe.”  But, did you know that this action also has psychological benefits?  As humans, we crave intimacy, connection, a sense of belonging for we were not put on this earth to do life alone–we require people.  (Hello, Adam needed Eve…not going into the whole apple eating thing today folks.)  In fact according to Dr. Lissa Rankin, “…copious scientific data proves that loneliness is a greater risk to your health than smoking or lack of exercise, and finding your tribe is better than any vitamin, diet, or exercise regimen.”–Psychology Today.  Being a part of a group of people can truly fill your soul and spirit in positively overwhelming ways.

Today, I ask you this simple question: have you found your tribe?  Your group of how ever many people that you know without any hesitation have your back; that you can call any time of day or night (notice I said call not text) and they will be there for you no matter what they’ve got going on at that particular moment; that will laugh with you and cry with you and encourage you and kick you in the butt when you need it; and those who will speak truth into your life out of their love for you; the type of people who are willing to drive 24hrs. over the course of a weekend and surprise the heck out of you–that type of a people.  Do YOU have that caliber of people or that caliber of a person in your life?

I want you to stop what you’re doing right now and really think long and hard about this question and answer it honestly with yourself.  Do I have that type of tribe in my life?  I’m not talking about acquaintances or how I like to classify them as “just the surface” friendships; but the type of friend(s) who knows the deep and meaningful stuff.  Additionally, ask yourself this: would someone else think of me as part of their tribe? Am I a tribe worthy friend or a “just the surface” type of friend?

I am beyond blessed to have found my tribe.  God knows and knew exactly who I needed and when I would need them in my life.  My tribe loves fiercely, supports strongly, and encourages continuously.  I am a better wife, mother, and friend because of the interactions I get to have with these people.  They challenge me to strive to be my very best while simultaneously not allowing me to settle for less than my potential while allowing me to be fully myself–hot mess and all.  My hope and prayer for you is that you’re able to find your tribe–whatever that looks like in your life.  That you be blessed by your tribe and be a blessing to your tribe.

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