I don’t this four letter word. Yup. Said it. Full stop.

You may be wondering to yourself why on earth someone would not enjoy rest. I genuinely think it’s because I am not good at exercising rest. My background is fitness and it is strongly encouraged and advised that the body have designated “rest days” as they are good for the body’s overall recovery from whatever workout regime you’re completing. Rest days aid in recovery and can help to ensure the body is able to respond how you want it to at the next workout. Rest days afford muscles the necessary time to repair and grow in size and strength. Rest days can ensure your joints aren’t getting beaten up mercilessly. Rest days allow the body the time necessary to improve it’s overall performance.

I know these principles. I have encouraged so many to incorporate rest days and they are necessary and beneficial; yet, I cannot seem to find the balance to allow myself to fully rest without guilt. Why? It’s in complete defiance to what I know, scientifically, is beneficial to my overall well being; so, why then, is it so difficult for me to find rest?

I think, being fully transparent and vulnerable here–my least favorite thing by the way–, I associate rest with laziness and I’ll be darned if I am categorized as a lazy individual. I enjoy being busy. I like marking items off of a bustling ‘to do’ list; so much so, I will add things I have already done simply to cross them off. Seeing the calendar chock full of things to do and tasks to accomplish is exciting (made only better when color coded and highlighted). Going to bed tired from a full day, earning one’s sleep, is a joy to be had to me. I think this is one of the many reasons why this new chapter is proving to be more challenging than I’d like. I’m being instructed to rest. To be still and wait.

To me, rest and be still are synonymous terms. I know God works for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). But, if we have been called for a purpose, then let’s put a ‘lil hitch in our giddyup and let’s get to gettin! We have work to do. Don’t we? Then come in the folks with the best of intentions who remind me God’s timing is always perfect–to which I internally scream feeling very much like Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, “But, Daddy…….I want it now!!!!!!!!” You know you heard it in your head just like the movie–all whiny and such. For again, to me, I’ll be darned if I’m categorized as lazy.

I also think rest has been kidnapped by or lumped into the ever so popular term “self care.” Most recently, self care has been equated, but not limited to: bubble baths, reading books, face masks, manicures, pedicures, spa days, brunch, etc. all in the name of “self care.” Don’t get me wrong, if that is your thing and you find your inner bucket of peace refilled that is wonderful, zero wrong with those items whatsoever; but, those things don’t work for me. So, when seeing these suggestions for self care or try ‘xyz’ to unwind/restore yourself/refill your bucket/find your rest etc. they’re falling to deaf ears I’m afraid. But, we have established we need rest and to be still for it is in those quiet moments God has the opportunity to be the loudest. Yet, how does a person who really does enjoy being busy and having a bustling “to do” list find comfortability make the necessary time for rest? (If you have any tips on this subject, please share your knowledge with the rest of the class in the comments. Trust, they’d be thoroughly appreciated.)

I recently saw this post from motivational speaker Lisa Nichols (@Lisa2Motivate) “Reminder: Everything in life is setting you up for your next best season.” So, what if this current season of rest and being still is simply setting me up for my next best season? While I am not good at rest and being still, I’d really hate to miss out on whatever God has in the works for my next best season.

So, what season of life do you currently find yourself? Are you in a season of rest and be still? Are you in a season of hustle and bustle? Are you in a season of grief and mourning? Are you in a season of joy? Whatever season you find yourself, let’s all take that friendly reminder from Lisa Nichols, that everything in life is setting us up for our next best season.

Until next time,


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