The cool crisp mornings are upon us and the regret of wearing a thick sweater hits us smack in the face by the afternoon. Yes, she is finally here….autumn/fall! Praise the Lord above! Some of ya’ll have been experiencing this glory since September and that’s all well and good, but for us in the “southern” states–just let us enjoy our moment of humidity reprieve!

There is no hiding the fact that this gal does not like nor enjoy change. I don’t think I ever have enjoyed it. It is a period of unknown and I thoroughly enjoy routine and structure and knowing what to expect–shoot, remember I’m the one who adds things she has already completed to the ‘to do’ list simply to scratch it off. Planned spontaneity is my jam! You know what to pack for that type of scenario. You don’t tell me what we are doing on the trip? Be ready for my beefy overpacked suitcase fully prepared for most situations and contingencies.

Well, I am finding myself in a sea of change or rather a season of change. However, this season is beginning to feel more like a holding pattern waiting for the tower to tell me it’s okay to land. Anyone else ever feel that way? Like, you’ve finally succumbed to the gnawing gut feeling you’re to take action, to take the next steps, so you do and then crickets. Radio silence. Awkward silence. Just twiddling my thumbs waiting for something to happen type of stillness. And ya know what…I’m not good at it–waiting. I’ve never been good at it; ask my mom. Yet, I keep getting these reminders to “be still and wait.” Which, if I’m really honest are just more irritating and annoying than anything else because I want to take action and I want desperately to be in the “do” stage of whatever the next season is. I’m ready–well, I think I am ready.

Last time I shared about a book I received called “God Winks” and how it’s stories reflecting on how if ‘x’ didn’t happen then ‘y’ couldn’t have happened and even if ‘x’ didn’t look/feel/taste/smell/etc. exactly how that individual thought without it ‘y’ never could have existed. That when the individual reflected upon specific scenarios in their lives, they could very clearly see the trajectory of each event and how it impacted the next.

Well, this past Sunday I got walloped by a God wink. When asked what I’m planning on doing etc. I simply have been using the phrase that “I’m not entirely sure what this season is going to entail…” well, low and behold Pastor Toby Slough comes on out of the gate and BAM, his entire message is about….you guessed it….SEASONS. Yup. Well, if that wasn’t enough of a “hey, pay-close-attention-to-this-ma’am-cuz-your-impatient-behind-needs-to-hear-this-loud-and-clear” he drops in my grandmother’s favorite verse. Romans 8:28 “For God works for the good of those who love Him who have been called according to His purpose.” I tell you what, if that isn’t just a “spit on your neck fantastic” (courtesy of Rachel Greene–F.R.I.E.N.D.S) then I am far more dense than I thought.

Pastor Toby then went on to encourage and remind the congregation to not miss the beauty of the current season we find ourselves by being too focused on the previous season or the one to come. That God is in each season and provides beauty in each–if we are brave and bold enough to look for it. But, instead of me trying to tell you what he said and what I gleaned from the message for I truly believe that people can listen to the same song, message, read the same passage, book, etc. yet hear different things; so if you feel so inclined, use the link and watch or listen for yourself. (Under the tab Sunday Services and the series “Watchlist”.) It really is the kick in the seat I know I needed and maybe you do too.

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